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These docs are in progress and will be updated soon. If you have questions feel free to ping me on Twitter! I’ll be updating the website with a better playground soon!


Options should be passed as query parameters. If no paramaters are provided, a random noun will be generated and returned as a 320px by 320px SVG image.

The base url is: https://noun-api.com/beta/pfp



providing a name will return the same noun every time. useful for name-based avatars

  • name

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you can specify (or override) traits for the noun with the appropriate param. a random trait will be provided if both name and the trait are not provided.

  • background
  • body
  • accessory
  • head
  • glasses


themes are preset traits. can be combined with individual traits but theme will take precendence. for example, a url with both theme=sharkdao and head=18 will return a noun with a shark head.

  • theme. options:
    • sharkdao (head=187)
    • gnars (head=189)
    • nounsinblack (background=0, body=13, accessory=100, glasses=7)

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  • size

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